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Welcome to Jack's Backyard

Natural Wood Designs For Our World


Stuff I Make From Reclaimed Wood


It's All For Fun. In the process of woodworking, it's common to have wood waste, mistakes, and reclaimed wood from old projects. I make these things out of a desire to make something from nothing, to create space in my shop, and to have some fun. If you like what you see, my talents are for sale.




Nothing seen here is really for sale. If you just have to have it, want to market it, or want to put me on payroll, please contact me. I see a need to use excess lumber and thought it would be fun to see what I could make. I've had fun and learned that even the smallest piece of scrap can be used.  Unfortunately, the time involved in making things from recycled wood takes time and is not profitable enough to make a living on. So most of this was for fun.


So....What's the point you ask?


I see a ton of waste everyday.

I try to do my part to save what I can and make things people can enjoy.  The direction I want to go with this page is to show my creativity, skill, and craftsmanship. I hope to pass on my skills and my abilities to anyone who will listen.



Come Closer!

In the near future, I'll convert these hobbies of mine into do-it-yourself manuals. I see them as easy woodworking projects for boy scouts, an opportunity for a family to spend some time and learn something together, or just to make something because you like it or need it.


Too Close... You're Creeping Me Out!

Everything here was made from waste I found or made. It's surprising how much there is and how much can be made. You can make the birdhouse with a single 6' fence picket. There is so much wood fencing at the dump, it has it's own section. A Boy Scout Troop could earn a million woodworking merit badges just using old fence pickets. Free!


These are easy projects.

I know. I'm lazy, if they were hard, they would not be here.  Okay... The octagon baskets are a pain. They are easy to look at, but to make a nice one from scrap will test your patience. One day Uncle Jack will tell you the story of how he shot a brad nail into his thumb while making these sweet baskets. Beware the brad nailer and softwoods! Stick to birdhouses, swingsets, mailboxes, and picnic tables.


My Desk.. I made this from pine and redwood. I picked up most of the wood on trash day from a house that was being remodeled. I used leftover 6" x 6" redwood from a previous playground project for the legs and reclaimed redwood from warranty parts of old swing sets for the outer skin of the cabinet. The top was made from waste material at Lowe's and trash pile pick ups. It's supposed to be an island shape inspired by the curves of a woman's body.


My latest chair design.. This fine chair was the result of my failure at making the long awaited "Adironjack Chair". Once again, I pulled redwood from the scrap pile and made this design. My inspiration for this design was a friend of mine. He's about 6'5" @ 350lbs. and built like a lineman. Being a large man he has difficulty finding comfortable chairs. This frankenstein design was my answer to his quest for a big chair.


My Picnic Table.. There are scrap pieces from my custom builds, that are too small to use on larger projects. It's not uncommon to have redwood that is too funky to use for a playset.  I started this simple picnic table 9/09. It was intended to be a week long project.  I used wood from the scrap pile and cut it up and left it in a pile while I built the Graham family treehouse. During this 3 week period, my mind wandered and 6 months later I finished this sweet picnic table.


My Kid Size Picnic Table.. This was what the simple table above was supposed to look like, but in adult size. Somehow I was able to keep from getting carried away, but I still spent a lot of time on it. This one is made from spare parts. It's about 42" wide and a great fit for kids.



Reclaimed Wood Projects Gallery

Big F King Chairs


Jack's Picnic Table


Kid's Picnic Table


My Desk


Mailbox Cover


The Re-Psychler








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Some of my fun wood projects and a 240lb.

moss rock I was compelled to buy.


Natural Wood Designs For Our World


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