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Jack's Backyard

Redwood Mailbox Cover


Mailbox Envy. When I moved in, I had an ugly black mailbox on top of an equally ugly black pole in front of my home. The flag was broke and the mailbox sat askew on the pole. There are not great mailboxes in my hood, but there are some nice ones. I have the talent to build something nice, I might as well use it. Like most craftsman, I build wood projects all the time, but when it comes to my own things, there's a bump in time from start to finish. I was going to replace the mailbox soon.

Note: It was disrespected by birds, They poo'd on the door because of it's ugliness.



People love me! An alleged group of teenagers, came around late one night and bashed all the crappy mailboxes in the hood... They left mine alone. I was honored and very jealous. I was looking for a reason to make a new mailbox. The reason was offered, I was denied! I didn't need stinking alleged teenagers to trash my US mailbox. In a fit of rage, I body tackled my mailbox and wrestled it to the ground. It fought back biting my finger in the door, but eventually I won out.





My reasoning was clear. Everybody was getting new plastic mailboxes. My mailbox must be the best and it must be made from wood. Nursing my embattled finger, I struck out to make this new one from reclaimed cedar fence pickets and scrap waste from redwood swingsets. I planted Wisteria in the center and now the mailbox is covered in purple flowers in the spring. It's really nice. I think the teenagers like it too. The birds still do their business as usual.




Natural Redwood and Cedar Mailboxes

No U.S. mailboxes were harmed in the making of this page.

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