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Jack's Backyard

The Most Ultimate Aggression Therapy/Aluminum

Can Recycling Tool Ever Made!


The Re-Psychler!


Iím a Wood Worker/ Artist. One of my specialties is reclaiming wood and making whatever my mind allows me to make. Iím passionate about it at times and I'll pick up or save almost anything thatís solid natural wood.


Recycling or reclaiming wood can be a pain. Thereís a portion of my budget that goes to storage because I have a ton of scrap lumber I refuse to toss. Most people would throw it away, but itís all usable. The frustration of paying to keep it, trying to find a use, or eventually sending it to the dump, doesnít ride well with me.



I once dated a girl from Canada. I was totally into her and as a result of my time with her, I learned Canadianís have a great philosophy; Reduce, reuse, and recycle. She ended up being not so great and told me I should lose weight and cut off my head.


When you care for someone, it can be hard to move on. I felt betrayed, yet renewed. I was tense, yet mellow. I was consumed with anger for her icy coldness, but sedated with her need to protect our planet. I wanted to express my contempt for her cold Canadian blast and respect her culture for protecting our Earth. Justification was on my horizon.


Life is good. I combined my negative emotions and decided to make the most ultimate aggression therapy/aluminum can recycling tool ever made.


We all need an outlet. 

That's why I created..


The Re-Psychler !



How does it work?


Itís easy, pretend a can is your pain

and Re-Psychle it!


What are the rewards? I have the talent to make a cool tool from scrap material, so why not? I use pieces found on the curb and leftovers from other projects to make the Re-Psychler. This all wood mallet will flatten a can like a pancake faster than your broken heart can stop beating. Iíll be the first to admit, stomping cans with your heel is quicker and easier, but smashing them with the Re-Psychler satisfies like nothing else.


Whatís the ultimate goal? As funny as it sounds, I want to bring peace and a cleaner earth through violence. Someone piss you off? Crush a can. I assure you, youíll feel better. Does your life suck? Smash a can and feel better because youíre recycling. Did your girlfriend take a dump on your emotions? 

Show her youíre smashing and flatten a can like grapes for wine.



Natural Wood Designs For Our World.  


E-mail: askjackhow@gmail.com


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